CMS introduction

CMS introduction

At Aware we use a content management system to make it possible for non-developers to suggest additions to the app.

Getting started 🌱

  1. Go to with your browser.
  2. Create/login to an account at GitHub when asked to do so.
  3. Authorize Netlify CMS to access your account.
  4. Say yes to fork.
  5. Now you should be logged in to the CMS! To the left you can see a menu. →Exercises →Edit, translate or add exercises. →UI →Edit or translate User Interface. →Setting → Default exercise settings. →Tags →Edit or translate Tags. →Collections → Suggest collections from existing exercises, or translate collection titles and descriptions. →Other →Contributors list. →Email →Email settings. When you feel ready, choose the appropriate heading and start suggesting!


Some things that are good to know about:

• Texts within {{ }} e.g. {{displayName}} should not be translated and must be preserved as is. • Prefixes of string e.g. > - * # e.g. > Start the session when you're ready to go or wrapped with ** ~~ __ e.g. What is said in here, stays in here. are formatting (markdown) and must be preserved in your translations • Same with links that looks like this: email - only translate the email part