Collection structure

A collection consists of a number of exercises and/or meditations compiled into a package or a playlist.

Collections may have push notifications activated, and the user choses pace ant timing. Notifications take the user straight to today’s exercise.

A collection includes:

  1. Introduction text with image
  2. What will the user learn or do during this collection? Give them a sense of what’s coming and where they will be at the end of the collection, as well as the reasons for signing up.

    The introduction also conveys if this collection is done in collaboration with somebody or an institution, with the possibility to include links when applicable.

    Also, if applicable, add link to scientific reference list (located at 29k.org/research)

  3. A number of exercises
  4. Think of a collection in stages or as a flow the user will go through. Begin with basics, continue with more advanced stuff, and end with something that can send the user off with a feeling of competence, confidence and excitement.

    Like this example (a values collection):


    Content-wise we want nice mix of meditations and exercises, unless it is a specific meditation collection.