Content Volunteers

Content Volunteers

Since 2020, the non-profit organisation 29k has been developing a non-profit open source digital platform, accessible via the 29k app, that focuses on providing free access to science-based psychological tools to strengthen your mental health and wellbeing and inner development at scale, for everyone, everywhere.

The 29k app has already had over 350,000 downloads and a 5 star or 4.8 star rating in all app stores. 29k is about to do a soft launch of a 2.0 version of their platform in a new app, Aware, and is looking for a group of up to 20 volunteers to support with reformatting the content from the 29k app into the new format of the Aware app. As a volunteer:

  • you should be a trained psychologist, expert facilitator or copywriter
  • you should be a native English speaker or very proficient in English
  • you can consider dedicating up 25 hours between now and end of August
  • you will get the chance to receive an initial training and editing support from 29k’s Chief Psychologist and Karolinska Institute affiliated researcher, Jenny Rickardsson phd on how to go about moving the content over in 29k’s CMS
  • you will get the chance to familiarise yourself with the 29k content and how to apply it in your own work, and also how to add applicable content of your own into the platform
  • you will be directly accredited in the Aware app as a volunteer who has supported 29k to continue its mission to support the practice of wellbeing and inner development at scale

29k is aiming to hold a training for interested volunteers the week of the 8th MayPlease sign up your interest to support on this Google Form by 8th May here: