Hosting sessions

Hosting sessions

Thank you so much for your interest in hosting live sessions in the Aware app. Providing a safe, trustworthy space for users to connect, learn and grow together is what the app and our mission is all about. Therefore all engagement with hosting group sessions truly warms our hearts. Hosting live sessions can be done with friends – that option is open for anyone – or with anyone – and for that option we maintain quite a strict process. With that said, please read up on how to get started and we hope to hear from you!

With friends 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

  • Join a couple of open live sessions in the app, to get to know Aware and how we host sessions.
  • When you open any exercise, they come with the option to do “On your own” or “With friends”. Choosing the With friends-option opens up the possibility to schedule a session and share invite with people you know. You can also add a planned session to your calendar with a click, and choose to get a reminder.
  • image
  • To edit time and day, click the pen next to the session date and time. Please observe that if you have already shared the session time and day with your friends, you will need to update them on the changes.
  • All live sessions follow the same template:
    1. image
    2. Intro portal - for tuning in.
    3. Check in - for presenting the session and checking in.
    4. Content - introducing content and starting the audio (video) file with the exercise.
    5. Reflection - introducing a reflection question, and a timer for reflection.
    6. Sharing - introduction to sharing, with the rules and framing to create a safe space.
    7. Check out - key take away, mission and check out.
    8. Outro portal - tuning out.
  • Practice hosting a session before you do it live with others:
    • Choose a session
    • Choose “with friends”
    • Start instantly and tap join.
    • In the top there are fold out/fold in guiding notes for all slides in a session. Read and follow the instructions. Tap next whenever you are ready to move on.
    • The outro portal is activated when you tap “Finish” at the check out slide.
    • Tap “Leave” when you are ready.
    • Done!

Get in contact

Join Slack and get in contact with the team and other community members.
If you’re having problems with Slack you can reach us at

Hosting open sessions (on pause)

  • Join a couple of live sessions in the app, to get to know Aware and how we host sessions.
  • Create and host a couple of private sessions with people you invite to get familiar with hosting. A tip! Before you host a session with others, create a session and run it through yourself.
  • Email us at and tell us more about yourself. Why you want to host open sessions, if you have any previous experience in facilitating and anything else you think might be useful for us to know.
  • Join the slack community and the channel for hosting open sessions to connect and get updates on upcoming seminars and new functionalities.
  • Join a digital seminar (announced in the Slack hosting channel) on practicalities and tips and tricks for hosting with an Aware representative.
  • Request to host open sessions. In the Aware app, press the three-dot menu in the top right corner to reach the About page. Scroll down and press “Public host access”.
  • When your request is approved, you’re good to go!✨

Get in contact

Join Slack and our #hosting-open-sessions channel to get in contact with the core team and other volunteers.
If you’re having problems with Slack you can reach us at