User code of conduct

User code of conduct

Aware provides free science-backed sessions for wellbeing for you, others and the planet. Aware is brought to you for free thanks to the contributions from dedicated founders, coworkers, partners and users.

We see sessions as an ongoing collaboration, where we explore together what it is like to be a human on this earth, right here, right now.

In order to be a safe place for everyone, discrimination, hate speech, and any other form of intolerance will not be tolerated. Let's work together to create a supportive and respectful community.

Session structure

Live sessions are live video calls where participants are offered to share their reflections

Dos 👍

  • Respect others and their point of view.
  • Take responsibility for your own boundaries when sharing.

In live sessions, also

  • Listen when others are speaking.
  • Respect the set time frame.
  • Respect the host’s instructions.

Don’ts ✋

  • Interrupt others or ongoing exercises
  • Fixing or advice-giving.
  • Profanity, nudity and/or drugs.
  • Intolerance or discrimination.
  • Suicide ideation.

Potential actions from Aware

👉 In live sessions, if a user does not abide the host’s instructions on behaving according to rules, the host will block the user from the session.

👉 Inappropriate posts are deleted immediately.

👉 Repeated misbehaving will result in a permanent ban from the app and its community.