Community contribution central
Community contribution central

Community contribution central


Thanks for being here, willing to join us on our mission to provide research-based content for wellbeing and inner development to all. For free. We welcome contributions in a variety of ways.
Join the Aware Slack community to communicate with the team and users.
We want co-creation to be a safe, respectful, and productive environment for everyone involved. Read all about it in our
Code of conduct πŸ‘«

How would you like to contribute?

Code Contribute code to help make our platform better. β†’ Read more.
Volunteer hosting Want to host open sessions in the Aware app? β†’ Read more.
Art works Make Aware sessions visually engaging. β†’ Read more.
Translations Help out translating Aware content into new languages. β†’ Read more.
Content Content suggestions? Contribute to give our users a meaningful and evidence-based app experience. β†’ Read more.
Publicity Help spread the word about Aware in news articles, social media or blog posts. β†’ Read more.
Money donations We don't do ads. We don't sell data. We don't charge private users. We depend on donations to keep Aware up and running. Help support the wellbeing of 200 000 people during 2023. β†’ Donate here.
Feedback We always welcome and appreciate feedback and suggestions on both content, features and functionality. Join the Aware Slack community or send us an email at

Other Have another idea of how you’d like to contribute? Let us know! We’re always open to new ideas and feedback. Join the Aware Slack community or send us an email at